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Graham Wood - Information Technology Consultant
Tech support when you need IT

Located in the North Toronto neighbourhood, I specialize in providing technical assistance to small and medium sized businesses who require an in-house IT department without the costs.

I provide computer support to those home users needing advice on resolving computing problems on their PCs, Macs, tablets (iPad or Android), wireless networking or mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhone or Android).

No job is too small.

My rates are reasonable and I have been in the technical support business in the North Toronto community since 1993.

I offer the following services:

IT Consultation

Business or home owners - looking to buy or upgrade your computer system - talk to me first. Let me perform a needs assessment to maximize your computer needs, whether Mac, PC, Tablets (Android or iPad). I provide the following IT services either as a package or individually:

Needs Assessment

Site visit to take stock of existing computer environment and perform a gap analysis to identify priorities and performance issues.


Diagnose and resolve issues affecting your computer system performance: slow computer start-up or shutdown; malware or virus infections; data recovery from crashed computers.

Upgrades & Installations

With every year there's an increased demand on memory and computer processors. A hardware upgrade may be necessary, whether it's moving to a larger hard drive, new processor or memory requirements for software upgrades or simply a faster computer. An operating system upgrade from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7/8 may be necessary just to handle software installation requirements. Speak to us and I'll advise the best course of action.


Call us to install a brand new wired or wireless network using switches and routers; we will expand the network to incorporate additional computers (laptops or desktops); we will install networked printers (wired or wireless) so that all computers on the network are able to print to a single printing resource; establish shared drives and folders so that all users on the network can share information; setup a reliable, backup solution - online or local.

Website Design & Development

Your website is a major communications tool. Business or home-based, let me help you design a website from inception to launch. I'll register the domain name of choice and liaise with the web host provider, develop a site map and design the layout. I can also provide regular maintenance services and ensure the information is current. Take a look at some of my on-line signatures...

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